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Jennifer Åkerman

Good old times

I went through an old blog of mine the other night when I couldn’t sleep and man was that fun. I realized how long I’ve been keeping up this blogging, but also how incredibly awesome it is to be able to go back and remember all the craziness you’ve had. I thought I’d share some with you! Here my LA life between 2009-2011.

Elin, Linus, Danny, Carl, Ingrid, Isak & I at a pool party in Beverly Hills. It was the ultimate weekend fun. LA, 2009.

My first test shoot I did with a photographer in Los Feliz LA, 2009. I think..

This was NOT yesterday. With Mickey Rourke at a movie premiere after party. Interesting man.. I was.. too young for this fella. LA 2009.

My old homies and roommates, Mikaela, Julia & Johanna. 4 girls in a one bedroom. You could only imagine.. At club Foxtail LA, 2009.

At Bill Gates ”Get Schooled” event at Paramount Pictures. Marc, me and actor Craig Robinson. A good friend still to this day. LA, 2010.

Me and Malin at the same event.

Haha! A music video I was dancer/model in for rapper/artist Kumasi ”Party Like A Rich Girl” Jesus Christ.. This has got to be 2008-2009.

Me and Joshua Radin in .. Denmark? LA? Either way, after a few whiskeys…

Street Style at Melrose Flea Market, LA 2010.

HBO party with Malin and the whole Entourage. Here with two of them, Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara. LA 2010.

My first Coachella in 2010. Sad I’m missing it this year. Next time I’ll be playing there!!

Malin and I in New York City. She was filming The Romantics and me and her husband Roberto came to visit over Thanksgiving. First time I really fell in love with the city. New York 2010.

Later that night with the whole gang. Including beautiful actress Vanessa Szohr.

Somewhere in Los Feliz. I just like this picture. A friend of mine snapped this. I wonder where he is today.. LA 2011.

My house warming party at my very first apartment at Wilton Place. Red cups and an american/mexican with guitar. LA 2010.

Still getting situated in my apt. Wilton I’ll never forgot you!

My dear Amanda came to visit from Sweden. Hollywood, LA 2011.

Sunset Marquis with Clark and beautiful Olivia Mun. Fun night. LA 2011.

Nicole, Rebecca, me, Simon and Shawn Pyfrom. All in my small kitchen. LA, 2011.

Malin and I at Johan Mayer concerts. One of the best EVER. Yes I shared a tear or two. Staples Center, LA 2011.

Another night around the same time. Me, Henrik Lundström and Joel Kinnaman. Looks like someone is telling an interesting story. At Pali House West Hollywood, 2011.

Late night snack with Louise and McLovin. Followed by..

Karaoke with Jona Hill. Talking about superbad! LA 2010.

I bought my first guitar. Guitar Center, LA. 2009.

Jam session in the garage. It was here my music experiences all started. LA 2009.

I ALWAYS had a bunch of crap in my purses. And till this day I still do.. Here at an Halloween Party in Beverly Hills 2009.

Last pic of the day is this one from Bardot in Hollywood. It was my favorite place, my second home. Here with a pretty unknown Bruno Mars on stage. But we all thought this boy had something special. LA 2009.


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