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Jennifer Åkerman

So long Los Angeles

I keep thinking about LA. How its been my home, my heart, my love for the last four and a half years.. I’m now really starting to realize how I’ve almost completely left it, having spent more and more time away from it, plus that moved out from my house where I lived with my boyfriend.

Last fall, I was in New York for a couple of weeks and in Sweden for more than a month, and during that time, I didn’t miss Los Angeles. It was almost like I was reborn. I felt so inspired by all the people around me and everything that life had to offer, and I still feel that way. You know why? Because I followed my heart. Thats the only way you can stay truly happy. I promise you. Give it a try.

I decided not to talked too much to the public about me maybe moving. I felt like I needed to figure out some things before I made it official. At the same time, who knows, maybe I just need a break to come back and be happier than ever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy right now and feel that things are going in the right direction. I’m really excited to be apart of Let’s Dance (Dancing With The Stars) and I can’t wait for JAXX to explode.

I’m not saying goodbye to the city of angels forever, only so long. I know I’ll be back soon but until then, I’ll see where life takes me.. My last words for this post will be – Don’t be scared of change. 

Roberto, Tommy & I, Hollywood Hills. 


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